Often times I wish ‘things’ are easier, life isn’t so hard, I didn’t have to work so hard, I didn’t desire certain things and wasn’t ever so afraid to just be.
But then I am so grateful that good things never happen without hard work. I am grateful that I can only do things well, if I am fully aware of what I am doing.
If it where otherwise, I would have had a broken heart, no future, broken relationships, no real friends, I wouldn’t know truth, I wouldn’t know love. But I do. Well, I am not perfect and that is not my purpose in life. But I am more than happy to be a believer and follower of Christ to come to realization of all this.
Sometimes I know I don’t want, neither need something, but only the idea of (possibly) having it stirs (no, not drives, but stirs) me crazy.
Another thing that I am grateful for is having a healthy set of brains. That makes it possible for me to withdraw from stupidity right on time, though I do a lot of stupid things, I can still flee stupidity a lot.
I have to admit that I have a lot to learn, but therefore I am grateful that the Spirit of God is not like me :).
So I will learn and grow and makes mistakes and become better, but I will not push myself to perfection, for that is an illusion. A foolish one.
I am made righteous in Christ.
Maya Angelou’s mother told her all she had to do was remain black, well, the only thing I have to do is remain in Christ, and I don’t have to rely on myself (own strength) for that.
How awesome.

Only the Spirit knows the heart of the Father and he will make Him known to us


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