Death of me

You make me feel dark
I really hate this part

I know I’m dying inside
licking the scatters of the coffee pot
you held last before hating me
you held first after loving me

Playing peaceful windows and friendly doors
who, with no account of time
loved to let the sun and the rain and the moonlight and the wind and sand and slippers, sunlight…sand…slippers?
Sunlight, sand and slippers through…
Oh, how you and I enjoyed this too

You groaned your way to agony
and I moaned my path out of misery

Planning to die
You lifted me high

I enjoyed your gloom
You despised my shimmer
I loved your bloom
You enlighted my wither

Now, here
In time and around

I will die and live again
But you will shine and split again

your soul will find a new pace
while I dwell endlessly in twilights gaze

the hope that day would come
the dream that light’d find me

You held in my hands
and gave away from me

You make me feel dark
And leave my eyes with a spark….


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