I am looking at my cellphone, which is my clock and calender. The date is 11 november 2011, without a doubt. I have been looking forward to this day, a whole year long 😉 !
It didn’t go the way I wanted, but I got things I needed. I woke up, seeing the mist outside, but too lazy to get out of my bed, stayed in and tries to sleep. When that didn’t work, I put on a jacket and went outside, standing on the doorstep. I got alone moments that I really appreciate, in fact right now, while writing this, I don’t have company. Exept two cute little girls, playing about.
Anyways, there is more to life, my life than being pretty and having a great party, getting presents and people over. I spent time shopping by myself, reading and writing messages and it was very nice, I enjoyed all of it. I have hestitated about going to danslessons, but I am so glad I did, bexause my Father rewarded me. If I didn’t go, because I wanted to take a nap or see the groom kiss the bride, God may have spoken to me, but it would certainly be another message..I guess. I can’t really explain what happenend, but He stirred my heart to worship Him and that made me so glad. I have waited and waitedf for something special on this beautiful day and I got a few, I got Him 🙂
Ofcourse the birthday wishes were very special. I have learned that whenever you have to ask for love, it isn’t it is great to feel loved. I know that some wishes were made out of duty, but I am certainly glad with them and especially those with the extra dimensions from a closer friend or family member. I have few dear friends and they know I love them hard. So, yes, I enjoyed my birthday, apart from ver ‘fleshy’ and ‘ego’ moments, I had a great day. I am at a wedding’s end, litteraly, it has ended, everyone is gone, apart from close family and the caterers, waiting for my brother to show up with the car (pray I have my own soon), I am sitting outside, writing this and enjoying the sound of imitated waterfalls. God is good and His love is beyond measure. I love Him.

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