The spirit of Christmass

Within a few days, it will be that time of the year.
People are thinking about buying and receiving gifts, diners, goodwill, evaluation of the past 300 something days and new ideas for those ahead.

There is something called the spirit of Christmass, that everyone seems to be looking for, waiting for, aiming on this season. It is something we can’t touch or fully lay a finger on. It is in the air, it is in our hearts and might be stirred by commercials and calendars, snow, rain, family.

So what’s the case with me?
I honestly think I have faked the idea of the spirit of christmass.
Or I am wrong about the idea of what the christmass spirit is or is supposed to be. I have gradually felt the feeling of this spirit growing thinner every year, since I don’t know when.
Someone said it’s just me getting older. I don’t know about that, it could be true.

My idea of the spirit of christmass was close to what I saw on the telly, as the British would say. But as I roamed the streets of Paramaribo it would be the fierce sun, dj’s playing christmass songs I’d hear or see on the same telly, people buying loads of stuff, diners, parties, food, new clothes, church visit and lighting candles.The end of the year and the start of the next was never not a part of christmass. But those dj’s, who used play for stores, have gradually vanished, the weather is still lovely, has in fact become more lovely, the songs in the telly have changed a little. But I have also grown weary of all the diners, all the gatherings, I am greatful for the church, but the congregations have an emptyness to me, nothing extra, nothing special. Yes, I am glad Christ came and He lived to die and rise again for me, but the magic of all of that is broken for me. It’s not there anymore, maybe because I grew up, as someone said.

Now, I have decided to make the best of the season that was appointed, by some catholic athorities, to my Saviour. So, at the end of this week, I will have dinner with people I love and enjoy myself to the fullest. Enjoy their company, be a good host when I have to and share happy moments with them.

For evryone else that comes my way, I wish you a merry christmass with your loved ones and strangers, and a powerful new year. A year when you will work towards your goals and find love.


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