Dance goal

Today there will be another friday night, like all those fridays past and I didn’t update you. I have spent the last fridays, waking up, rushing to work, typing news items, surfing the internet, agreeing and arguing with my colleagues, praying, hoping, dreaming, dancing, driving, practicing, hoping and in the company of a dear dance friend.
She and I have met before, we know eachother from our former youthgroup, where we used to be in the praiseteam together. But she left early. We didn’t really have a connection, but now we are ‘dance friends’. She and I are practicing for a dance we will perfrom during passover at church. Every year our church hosts a huge passover conference for churches in our region that were born out of our ministry. Friday and saturday night and sunday morning hundreds of people, mostly believers, will gather to worship and remember the broken body of Christ, the wine He poured and the bread He offered to heal our brokennes, reunite us with the Father. Each day there will be displays of talent, call it performances, to show how great God is through art.
She and I have been practicing for about three weeks now and we’ve gotten pretty far. Need to figure a few things out first, but we’re getting there. We both believe that everything we do and get to put in this dance is grace from God. He is the One who gave us the talent and creativity.
We have been spending lots of time together, talking, practicing, eating, drinking and shopping. I don’t believe I met her again by accident. I always believe God has a purpose when He brings people together, who have been apart for a while. So I am quite enthusiastic about our journey to the performance. Jeremy Camp will sing (throug the sound installations) and we will minister with our moves. We hope God brings healing to people, I don’t want a sensational performance, but to minister and lift Christ up, so people with broken harts find healing. Maybe not instantly, while we dance, but by remembering the dance, the choreography and the words.
I hope I can upload a movie of the performance to upload on this page, just for you, reader. So now I go back to work, finish up, go find money in a wall and walk to dance classes and enjoy the night, this fridaynight.


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