Sometimes I wish the world would end
That I could bail out of birthdays and skip seasons. That I didn’t have to go through and live the same days, same years, same moments, same gestures. They all seem so meaningless and empty. I’m really tired and shaking my head. Having to wake up everyday, prepare meals and eat, go to work, work, meet people and talk, drive and go places, EVERY SINGLE DAY! Sometimes I’m just tired of it. And it wouldn’t satisfy me if only wednedsday passed the torch to thursday or if only seven days became generous to the next seven. No, I’d only be completely happy if everything fell apart. If everyone’d lose their way and none of us, neither powers or titans could fix it. I’d be satisfied and another part of me would be made whole. That’s just how I feel sometimes. That I absokutely hate normal and standards, but at other times, they’re the only things I have to live by.


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