Love says despite

She’s still
A beautiful girl with dreams….

When my heart ain’t enough 

The Father reminds me

There is much more I can give

In her dreams, her hands are open

All chains are broken

And the sky isn’t further to reach

She is still

A beautiful girl with dreams

When it’s hard to love

One love is ever enough

Reach to the Father

He is love for the broken

She’s still his daughter

If the doors to my heart aren’t open…….

She is still A beautiful girl with dreams

My hands may be small 

But for her love

heaven’s heart has been broken…

Sometimes it’s hard to stay committed to love. Growth and maturity both are a process and while we’re at it, we will go through hard times and often we will fail. But it’s important that the other party doesn’t give up. Doesn’t give up on love between two but also self-love. It doesn’t make it okay for me to hate you and snare you, but if I should lose myself and fall short, you are not supposed to sink. Sometimes people become so dependent on the love from others and meanwhile they haven’t developed their self-worth, that one little crash makes their world fall apart. Don’t let that happen to you. I have fallen short. I have been falling short a lot these days and in the future, some days I might still fall short. Because maturity and growth have different levels. But if others fall short on me, I will not sink. Not again. So I want to teach those that I love and those that I am not committed to, to love themselves first. 

Don't give up on me


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