So, it feels as if the last time I have blogged was ages ago. I used to blog at work or from my smartphone, but as I can’t post anything from my smartphone without having to troubleshoot a thousand times and since I suspect my employers to have blocked my blog, maybe it’s just some virus at work, I am at a cyber and only have about 30 minutes. I’ve had a lot on my mind recently, but writing on paper has become troublesome for me. You see, I have this weird thing that I can’t execute something that I don’t envision. See, when these things come up in my mind, they don’t just come up as thoughts or stories or ideas, but they ‘appear’ or get ‘revealed’ with the way I’d write them, say them..share them. Honestly, I know it’s weird, and for me to write down something I have ‘seen’ myself typing is rather disturbing or difficult. To me, it has to feel right and in place. And this is a form of perfect. I have, for a long time, thought that I wasn’t trying to be perfect, while I was as guilty as every one else.

So, I don’t know how my blogging future looks like or will turn, but a writer is always writing, if not on paper…in his or her mind. That quote is not mine, but someone whose name I forgot, came up with it. And, of course, he is so right.

I have recently found out that my poem on the book Hans Jaap Melissen wrote about the earthquake in Haiti, is featured on a website for Caribbean literature. Actually it’s literature that involves and influences Caribbean literature.

You know, I will write this, even though I know my employers might be reading it. A few months ago, it started getting difficult at work, I started seeing decisions being made that don’t line up with journalism and good leadership in general. So, I said to myself that I didn’t want to be part of that for too long, so I said that I wanted to work somewhere else from the first of January 2013. And guess what? I have been getting so many job offers lately. Maybe that ain’t a sign that I can leave, because I have been worried about whether I should leave or nor. I thought to myself whether I shouldn’t see it as a way to perfect me, you know ‘going through the fire’ and those things. I still don’t know, I’m still not sure. But one thing I know is that I am never forsaken nor left alone by the One who knows me best and has my best interest, my heavenly father.


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