I was 22,but I just turned 5

A year ago, around this time of the year, things were somewhat different in my life. First of all, I was 22, a magical age to me. In my opinion wonderful things were going to happen in my life in my 22 living year and I’d achiev lots of wonderful things. 22 is magical becase of different auspicious reasons.

I’ve gone through rough times before, but man, having nothing turn out the way you dreamed them up and instead bitterly dissapointing is very hurtful. I expected to make money, become a better, charitable person and reach some of my ‘singer-dancer’ goals.

Njet. I took a few steps and they didn’t work out well. What happened is that now at leats I know I suck in being responsible. A few wonderful things happened too ofcourse, but that’ll be another story.

So, I recently turned 23. I expect no magic whatsoever, but I am well aware that expecting no magic might be the perfect formula to do get magic.

In one of my posts I said I’d wriea letter. I did. I resigned from my job. I don’t know what next year, this day, these hours will be like. But I know one thing, My Saviour is there and knows everything, so I’ll make it.

Why did I leave my job? Because Steven’s death taught me life is too short to wait for hings to happen for you, to wait for water to fall out of a rock. If I have a gift, I should get out and reach and bless people with it, use it and make the world the better place I was meant to help it become. So, I left. I am picking up my bags. Miss the place I certainly will do. Miss my colleagues who have become close friends, I certainly will. But I have learned that pain and decay create furtile ground for fruitful life. I am no longer letting fear for the unknown keep me and the world waiting for the best to be. I’m moving forward.

In Sriname, 5 year olds leave the for the first class of the elementary school where they get to do the ‘real’ stuff. So, maybe that’s where I’m going.

Come with me and keep reading,

Feel free to tell me what this year has been like for you, I am so curious

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