Strolling behind Christ

If you’re reading this blog you might’ve seen my Twitter account. Today I found out my Twitter Bio was outdated. I called myself a 22 year old while it’s been a month and eight days since I turned 23.
Currently my Twitter bio says I’m 5, study journalism, love stories and ‘stroll’ behind Christ.
At that moment, while editing my bio, I wanted to tell the truth about my walk with God and I wanted to be creative. ‘Strolling’ felt like the right word, but to be sure I looked it up. at first I doubted it a little, because it sounded bad. It made it seem as if following Christ was not an important part of my life. Truth is, most days I don’t behave as if it is. But the thing that made me keep it is the simple truth: my walk with God is quite slow, sometimes I put meeting Him off and He doesn’t rush me into anything. He has this subtle way of revealing Himself and His truth to me and giving me time to digest what He has taught me. Of course there are times when God reveals Himself as if He is lightning and times when I find out His truth with a hard bang in my face, but those are rare. Most times He’s my Jehova Shalom.
So, that’s what I do with Christ, at least for now. I stroll behind Him, see where He’s going. Sometimes, especially when I’m scared and unsure of truth, I walk beside Him, squeezing His hand and ask what’s going on and where we’re headed, anxiously looking up to Him while I don’t have to be anxious. When He answers I’m always amazed and then slow down to catch my breath. Sometimes He carries me, other times He watches me go. But most of the time, I stroll behind the lover of my soul.

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