I want a daughter and it’s confusing

I don’t really get it, but I really want a daughter. It’s this stupid idea of me that my first child will be a girl. I feel challenged by the idea of having to raise her and educate her and love her. And the depth of my soul knows I will love her hard and into tiny bits. I am a firm believer of a mom and dad family, but in my mind it doesn’t even matter that she has a dad, he’s totally out of the picture in the ‘visions’ I have about having a daughter.

I don’t think anything’s wrong with me, but I just want to know more about this desire and know how common this is for girls to really want a daughter.

When I have her, I want to have the spiritual, emotional and financial resources to treat her like a queen and still have her be a kid. I already love her, not knowing what she’ll be like. But I hope she’s musical and witty and intelligent. I hope she has curly or coyly hair (the chance for otherwise is zero). I hope she is a smart mouth and brave and unafraid.

And a son? I know I’ll enjoy my son(s). I’m scared about how to teach them to be ‘real men’, but that’s what I think a good daddy is for 🙂
No daddy-candidate in the picture, but that ain’t no problem. If I never get married, I hope I have the courage to adopt a little girl and give this one person in the world the best of what I have and hold.

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