Sadie Jean-Baptiste

My insides long for you
Aged is your body
Piercing are your eyes
Firm is the grip of your hands
That aren’t holding mine

I can feel time punching in my stomach
Long are the years I haven’t seen you
Fabricated are the memories I have of you
Every time I think of you
My insides shrink

It doesn’t matter to me,
The type of person you are
The fact of your existence
And me missing you so bad
I love you anyway

I’d want to feel time, life and wisdom on your wrinkled skin
I’d want to feel the essence of eternity on your aged bones
I’d want to meet my ancestors while running my fingers through your hair and sniffing up the air around you
But by time and space I’m not allowed to
Grand mommy, why don’t I know you
From everyday to everyday?

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