I See You

You. You like to perform. You don’t like to brag about you being the best, but your sole goal is to be the best version of you that you could ever be at any time given.

And you. You are so afraid that everyone will see how much you’ve been hurt and how unfair life must have been to you. You wear a shield of transparent plastic, through which many can see and understand what you are trying to hide so badly.

And you on the other hand have worked so hard to get up that ladder and are so afraid to even sniff a set-back, that you’ve engulfed a bag of hard air around your back. You push everything that comes near you away and only let in what you think you can break.

And then there’s you. The one who appears to be in between everything, always afraid to be wrong or say something that isn’t right. Sometimes you’re confused about yourself. With up and downs you build your confidence but keep a radar for possible attackers. So afraid that you’d be called less than the rest, the rest you don’t really want to be.

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