One time crush

One day,
Beauty came out of a car
Was thin, very tall.
Beauty had knobs instead of breasts
That still held a pretty bikini top
My eyes followed the contours of beauty’s body
From above to under, beneath to up.
My world froze when beauty, half folded,
Stuck a hand and a foot out before the others, got out of that car
On that Sunday morning
Like in a movie
I can still feel how everything went into slow motion.
Beauty’s flat ass was held in short shorts of jeans
Watch around the wrists,
Ugly glasses,
Unattractive person actually
But the structure of those cheekbones,
That boyish carelessness,
My heart didn’t pound
But my eyes knew not where to rest
Apart from the object of my interest
I was platonically obsessed
With a clueless perfect confusion
Of the same sex.

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