I feel love and I want it to be real. I want it to be more than just a way I feel. I don’t like to have to pick and choose who is best to loose. I want to give and take, lose and gain whatever I can, whatever there is. In this name.
I don’t want to have to consider wounds. Wounds in hearts, wounds in souls. Wounds that we have lost count of.
Sometimes I have to wear a mask. So you don’t know, so you can’t see, so you won’t find the reflection of your blind eye in me. I have given up what I fought for gain. When do I get to keep something for myself and not have to restrain?
Me. I get to keep myself. Isn’t that the way to keep yourself sane. In this crazy, crazy big and decimated world? Flower petals keep my hands busy so they don’t follow my mind into windowpane.


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