Betrothal with anguish

I miss you a little. Now and then.

And then I think it’s unfair to want your arms around me. And I think it’s impolite to dream about you beside me. But sometimes I just do. How can sometimes be unfair? It is only now and then. Right?

Is it even okay to let you know. I mean, what would you do if you knew from my mouth that I wished for this. But only now and then. Is it fair in your eyes? We know stories of the heart are so often not the truth of the mind. Right?

So, I thought I’d say it. Betray my mind just this once. I always let her win, but just not this time. But know you know. Don’t let my words go to waste. Mark them down, somewhere. In your heart or your spirit.

But now, already has the ‘now and then’ gone. My mind is made up again. The story of my heart is hushed for a while. I don’t need you any longer. If this isn’t fair, than what is.


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