I Sheepishly Follow

I sheepishly follow you everytime

In my nightclothes into the cold

and the sunlight somewhere far behind me

clenching my blouse unto my chest

to keep the fear I can’t feel from bursting out

not looking behind

I sheepishly follow you eveytime

only to get lost in your many trails

and by the time good girls wake up in their shabby chic beds

I am still wandering back, stumbling over faded tracks

And when the old men finally find me,

numb, beaten down and stiff from the cold

the sun weakly tries her first glow on the face of the dirt

when they push me through the front door

my bed has already turned against me

The metal clinging of my coffeepot slowly turn me alive

And I spread a dreamy smile

about the lover I pretend that came to find me

Before the time was right

and that I wasn’t ready

and that’s why I got lost

When night falls

when the cold wind beats the curtains all over the place

I wake up from my slumber

…to sheepishly follow you

into the cold night


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