awakened beauty

Installed on the chaise with a flower in my hair, a red hibiscus 🌺 it was, I proceeded the drawing by a dream was etched in my soul. Too many mornings I woke up in cool sweat, remembering the events I endured hours before in my sub conscience. Too many days I have spent, hovering over the kitchen table and catching my breath over hasty breakfasts that never did spool away the visions.
I sat down and transitioned by my hands the mark in sleeping hours got etched in my soul.
A sleeping beauty, suddenly awakening, leaving her tower and even the palace behind her. To live an anonymous life near the edge of the woods her kingdom frightened, sheltering lost wolves, knights in gloomy armor and even damsels that wandered off.
But in her night stand she keeps a chisel, only to wait for the next fifteen years, when her sleep should be over and her kingdom awake and rise into power, only to bring back the sweet silence she was so accustomed to.


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