My religion

I’m afraid my religion no longer is

and has never been


I’m afraid

that my religion

is my art

or rather the non- existence of it

and things coordinated with it

and literature and culture

It is said that in the last days

this will be in the false church

am I therefore

a lost soul?

How lost is my cause

if I

don’t feel the need

to worry and press

about appearance

but rather focus

on true motive

If I


that beauty

knows many scars

that nothing that is real

can, with these mortal hands

be touched

Does it make me

a lost cause

If I no longer believe

what everyone,

including love

wants me to?

Sees as the norm


I never have believed all that

I expected to have come around

by this time

but I’m not

I might be too busy


or rather unfinding


in this tangling

world wide net

of cobbling webs

of findings and beliefs

of motives and archived senses

What if I just don’t care

and think it doesn’t really matter

Delete   word


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