Her eyes like whips they shoot and strike you wherever you are

she is fire that incinerates you

with the smoothness of her gaze and the sharpness of her tongue

any poison can be undone

her body a mixture of exclamation points and question marks

you can’t help but drink of the breaths from her lungs

meet her with fire if you want not to be burned



A head on your chest

Just for some rest

Reassurance and the peacefulness

Only love’s heartbeat can give


An arm over your head

Her heartbeat like the sound of waves

Taking you home

And rocking life’s worries away


Eyes closed

Comments withdrawn

Only love’s heartbeat like cleansing waters, kissing the shore


I’d like to wrap my arms
around your shoulders
and tell you of the worlds I had lost
but found back in your eyes

I’d like to cover your eyes with my smile
and whisper tales of the sensations I thought I’d lost
that came back to life
in your taste buds

I’d like to exchange your clothes
for my soul
For I believe you are too good
to be marred by this world


It is a distant longing

That is too sacred for words

Too fragile to acknowledge

Too holy to describe

So one frowns

When it is displayed openly

One shivers

When it is told freely

One hurts

When it is broken off


Where fingers intertwine

Hearts sigh as one

Eyelids flutter together

And dreams beat one and the same drum

Words dry up

Sound is abomination

Tell tale, blasphemy

I hear you suggest
I sit back
relax my senses
and drop my head back
my drooping shoulders to straighten
and fold my hands on my belly button
You make your entree
pull up a chair beside me
and start singing your favorite song
you haven’t told me to
but I’ve already closed my eyes
Yet I still see them coming
the tears that wash your face
and worry away
you try and not let your voice break
yet the silence has this taunting echo
I stay still
Let you subdue
right before you get up and leave
I open my eyes
and catch a glimpse
of a mirage
Come back tomorrow, will you?
I hear you say, a bit too loudly
I nod, as if you’d see me
Knowing I’d never refuse
you close the door behind you
Last week you told me next week
before that, you said next month
I pull my collars closer
and face the wind
she is running wild and free
Yet I try to resist
what if she grabs hold of the wild in me
and take me away?
How will I know she’ll take me back to you

I guess I am thinking about you
If the sun doesn’t go down
I’ll be alright
because I’m thinking about you

Guess I’m thinking about you
If the moon doesn’t come out at night
I’ll be allright
because I’m thinking about you

Guess what, I am thinking of you
If the earth decides to leap around her axis
I’m still good
because you are as much here
as you are not

I am as much with you
as I am without