I know, you forget

She smiles, avoiding the stray look in his eyes. ” I know you forget how you used to look at me. From across the room, the other side of the table, and even when you were ever so close. I know you forget. How your eyes used to smother me. And I had to part my lips to take a breathe. I know you forget. You just cannot help yourself. You even forget what you used to say to me, when you held my hand. I know. How the morning dew used to wake me to your voice. It’s not that bad. You even forget how hard it was to keep my sanity when you first walked away from me. I know you do. So I remember. I remember those days, I hear the breaths and relive the feelings until your ghost is gone. And someone else sings me out of bed. I hope that by then you will forget I was never mad.” She smiles, looking straight ahead in his forgetful eyes. 


None of your business

It is none of your business
That I think about you all the time
That my heart wakes me up
In the middle of the night
To think about
The dreams I have of you
That I try not to look
When I drive past your house

It is none of your business

It is not your problem
That I wonder
And wonder
And wonder
About you
About where you are
And where you have been
And if I will ever find you again

In fact
It is not a problem
It is a consuming pass-time
To dream up
Who you might have become
What your heart is like
And whether you have very deep thoughts

What your business is
I do not know

But my business is
That I am setting myself up
For heartbreak
When you get the next hand to hold
That will not be mine
Because I am not making all of this, my business, your business


It feels like I’ve cried and my heart’s been cleansed.

Through truthful pieces of my parts forensics unrolled to dry out all differences. Though I may be weary, all my heart delivered a sigh of renewal.

As I am trying to derail temptation and jealous girlfriend’s frustration my heart does a bit ache for the quake it was blind to. I try to deny you the right of acces to me. Because I know from time to time I will have to look away and you’ll have no choice when she is by your side.

Little girl, you are beautiful, you’re whole and your grace is radiant. Your tantrum won’t keep him. Your love does. You’re what he’s got and that is all that he needs.


Your boyfriends old and withered crush

One time crush

One day,
Beauty came out of a car
Was thin, very tall.
Beauty had knobs instead of breasts
That still held a pretty bikini top
My eyes followed the contours of beauty’s body
From above to under, beneath to up.
My world froze when beauty, half folded,
Stuck a hand and a foot out before the others, got out of that car
On that Sunday morning
Like in a movie
I can still feel how everything went into slow motion.
Beauty’s flat ass was held in short shorts of jeans
Watch around the wrists,
Ugly glasses,
Unattractive person actually
But the structure of those cheekbones,
That boyish carelessness,
My heart didn’t pound
But my eyes knew not where to rest
Apart from the object of my interest
I was platonically obsessed
With a clueless perfect confusion
Of the same sex.

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