I hope

I hoped it was love
Every time your spirit
Payed my eyes a visit

I hoped it was love
Everytime I saw you
In my dreams

I hope it is love
When your mother
At me in my dreams

I hope it is love
When I cannot breath
As my mind ignores
My senses
And dwells of
To behold you

I hope it is love
All these sleepless nights
This restlesness
This hope
This fear

I hope it is love
Taking me back
All the way back
When time froze you
In front of me

I hope it is love
That brings you back to me
That brings me back to you


In expectancy of my wheeled baby

Restraining myself from hoping
doesn’t make the wait easier

How I get flashbacks of perusing you
and my dreams of you, I constantly relive

I never knew I’d grow so weak
I never knew I could be this desperate
for you

I try telling myself this is for the better,
that a good attitude while waiting
will make your arrival worthwhile
but my heart is not convinced

I constantly keep thinking of you
and then I ache
not knowing what to do
not knowing where to turn

The worst thing is
you ain’t even that big of a deal
because once you’re here
you could be gone very fast again
you could not be able to function for a while
and make me spend a lot of money and time

But my handicap is
that I’ve fallen in love with you
and can’t wait to have you
To be able to use,
look at and admire you