Imaginary haunting

I am meeting you again.
Why are you in this place
Why can I not find you in an actual location
where I can stick out my hands,
reach, touch and grab hold of you.
You are always so fleeting,
wavering before my face
enticing my curiosity
but right before I get to you
you are already long gone

What are you doing way up there
in the blue sky with sheep white clouds
Why do you pound my heart so hard
How come I cannot find you
in the places my hands can reach,
touch and grab a hold of you.
Do I have a right to be angry
at your fleeting flirting
or rather brutal messing
with my head.

I just wish that
when the sun shines like this
and the sky is sheep white and light blue like this
you are not just an image in my head
but a beautiful vessel
for my body to dwell
for my eyes to behold
my fingers to touch
and my hands to hold.