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I have to write, so that’s what I am doing. The name of a wonderful Christian from the past century revealed itself to me over the past days. Oswald Chambers. The name must have come flashing through my memory from a book cover I have seen a few times. 

Last week I had a ‘sudden rising’ of ‘Mefiboseth’ and inside that period I listened to a devotional about the meaning of this name. Te name means: sworn by God to repair shame and crusher of idols. The great thing hereabout is that the first meaning has been spoken over me by the Lord. 

For me there is reason to believe God speaks to me in Sudden Risings. It is as if words come from deep within and resound throughout my being. Sometimes it’s names. I’ve had ‘Geraldine’, ‘Sophie’ and a few others, including “Mefiboseth’. When a name or word clings itself to me, I Google it or look it up in the dictionary. I think I started to notice the risings in 2009, but it might have been a long time thing. 

When I was little I used to do the craziest things with words and letters. I paired the letters of the alphabet according to their sound, analysed words and conjugated them in some weird way…leaving vowels out or leaving consonants out or replacing any of them with a paired letter…oeff, crazy girl here. But it was fun, it makes me realize I have ‘something’ with words. Lovely.

Back to Oswald Chambers, he lived a relatively short life, died a forty something. Didn’t get to be a published writer, though he was a great inspiration in the life of those he knew. His wife made him famous by publishing his writings and today I am so grateful to her for that and I also read that she was a great hostess to people, I love that. She has done things that I dream to do to. 

The main thing that spoke to me about Chambers, is that he was an artist. He also opened a bible school with his wife in their home and they met while they were traveling. The Lord told Oswald to look out for a young lady that was traveling and still they didn’t get to be together immediately. Super. 

One thing I have to change though. I found out that I love worldly knowledge and love to fascinate people with that. That wouldn’t be wrong if I had the guts to ‘abandon’ myself to God (Oswald Chambers saying) and fill myself with His knowledge, so I can breathe Him in and out, especially out, so others can taste this wonderful fruit of Him that is always so good. So far I have left to many bitter tastes in people’s mouth. 

One thing.