There’s a strain from loneliness on my back

Right between my shoulders

And it feels bittersweet

Like when you feel at home

But the house seems too empty

Like having wings to fly

But being scared of height 


With my own thoughts 

Makes me feel content 

I could get up and slay demons

Figure a way out

And plan roadtrips for myself

But lately

I have been feeling a strain on my back

Just between my shoulderblades

I can never tell how to stop the ache

Could it be 


That a firm hand

On that place

Would make it go away

Could it be so

That maybe

A hand to hold on a long drive

Would make the strain stray? 

And leave me courageous on my own again


The cold is left in my broken heart,

Knee to chest, breathing hard

I inhale the nemesis of you

dark clouds wage me away from you….

My sobbing reaches the ceiling

Tears that dwell in my chest

reveal how I remember you best

Filing my records to find you

I embrace the cracks left behind

No more can I wait

Mere words can’t debate

If the rock in my chest starts beating again

You’ll be the last thing that will remain.