Who I am

Who I am? I don’t always have an answer to that question. All I know is that at times there’s a lot of mumbling in my head. And I can’t figure out who on God’s planet earth is speaking and what is actually being said. 

Some days I thirst and hunger for achievement, as if that is what I need in stead of a breath. And now and then. Though very rarely, do I come across a silence. That surrenders ages and constellations to speak. Not knowing where it cometh from, nor where it descends….I pray for peace with an empty timetable in my hands. 


What has been has gone

Trying to trace memory’s of the past days

Longing to pace forth on the warmth of their embrace.

Finding myself under the shimmer of airborne stardust

grasping the thickness of countless yesterdays, in vain

Just as scents are carriages that take us back to what has been last

This silly soul wants to ponder upon these memories, 

walking forward, looking down on them

As if they are the sole foundation of Imageand self-leading way to my ever after

I just can’t help but remember, 

sunny blue skies from before

hot shiny green fields outside my door

I can’t help but feel

nothing and all I was feeling then. 

In the end I close my eyes, bowing my head, folding my arms

and linger. 

Where is the track that has led me through tomorrow, if not under my feet

taking me through today

stretching me in it’s arms, towards tomorrow?