Quiet Time

I know you need me in the silence
No wonder my soul puts on
an aggressive longing under my skin
To draw all cries from my soul
to hear you from deeper within



I know You’re here. Filling my eyes with tears. Holding me in Your embrace.

I know You’re here.

Pulling on my wings, my legs and arms. Urging me to fly higher, to dance more free than I used to be. I know You’re here.

Inviting me in. Into this dance of life with you, making sure that at the end I’ll be at Your table to drink the wine and brake the bread…soaked in mercy and free. Like You made me to be. I know You are here.

Oh yes, my eyes can see and my limbs can tell. The way You are lifting up my head to fully enjoy, see You, scent the beauty of heaven and feel fine sunshine on my skin.

You are here, taking me in.

Birthday Wish

Even before this year started I knew that I have to make my birthday special this year.

First of all, because I will turn 22 on the eleventh day of the eleventh year in the millennium and I was born at eleven o’clock in the last year before the last year of the 80’s.

Now numerology explains that eleven is the last before a new beginning and 12 is a new beginning.
Anyways, if I understood a bible study teacher well, God has that principle too. (Latter rain something).

Second of all, who else will? I mean I decide what any day of my life looks like, right?

So, I will go on a trip, all alone.
I will arrange a cab, a lodge somewhere and I think I’ll eat at the local restaurant. I’m thinking a local place.

I will take with me a bottle of wine, a note book, my bible, some nice, comfy clothes, my photo camera, maybe a laptop and of course my cell phone for internet updates at the end of the days.

Oh and it will be a weekend.
Well, maybe you’d say ‘well, what’s so special about your einzel trip?
Well, I am special about it. I will go on an einzel trip for the first time (I hope I can do something before that).
Anyways, I am looking forward to being all alone and absorb nature and quietness, all by myself. How great will that be!

Do you have suggestions?

Post a comment or just say it when u see me.

Thanx for reading this 😉

I hope you had or will have a wonderful birthday this year just the way you want(ed) it.