Raindrops are mere travelers. They go from up to down and down to up, around and about.

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The weather

Trickle on the road
Trickle on my window
Trickle on my rooftop

Hand me a pillow
Make my eyes stare
Turn my lips into a smile

This is as nostalgic as it can get
And still I love to wrap my being around you

Trickle, ooze, drip drop
tick tack
make my soul well
and take heed to your fling

come and go as fast as you can
linger as long and easy as you want

Trickle trickle track

Flirting with my mind


Flirting with my mind
Tickling my senses into a sweet escape
Inviting my arms to an in-depth embrace


Flirting with my mind
taking me away
wavering the silent cries of my mind
Off to forgetful goodbyes

Are teasing
tricking my heart
into believing
the world is beautiful
they cause me to keep dreaming
Dreams that don’t make sense
dreams that will only keep my eyes opened
Without showing anything real

whenever they fall
they’re just flirting
With my mind