I have secrets. 

I hold them. 

Sometimes cherish. 

Because you don’t like to hear.

You’ve never been one to listen. 

I could write them to you.

If only you liked to read. 

I can’t show them to you…

For your closed heart has made you blind


Behind the chambers of my heart I hide and lock away all the moves we make and all the words we say. Every gasp, every sigh, every frown, every smile. As if it were so sweet, as if it were all good. Yes, this brave new world I am living in makes me smile and enrages me at the same time, makes me move and slows me down at the same time.

I’m calling on the sun to dedicate a ray, even a slight glimpse on this shadow that is stealing my heart away and making my joy run astray. Where can I find words to set myself free, how can I move my limbs to settle the unrest in me. I will say it again, feeling abandoned and freed altogether. I leave you alone and you turn away from me. All the while this realm is beaming, breeding breed of our sweat, relieving the the secrets we left unsaid.