Who I am

Who I am? I don’t always have an answer to that question. All I know is that at times there’s a lot of mumbling in my head. And I can’t figure out who on God’s planet earth is speaking and what is actually being said. 

Some days I thirst and hunger for achievement, as if that is what I need in stead of a breath. And now and then. Though very rarely, do I come across a silence. That surrenders ages and constellations to speak. Not knowing where it cometh from, nor where it descends….I pray for peace with an empty timetable in my hands. 


None of your business

It is none of your business
That I think about you all the time
That my heart wakes me up
In the middle of the night
To think about
The dreams I have of you
That I try not to look
When I drive past your house

It is none of your business

It is not your problem
That I wonder
And wonder
And wonder
About you
About where you are
And where you have been
And if I will ever find you again

In fact
It is not a problem
It is a consuming pass-time
To dream up
Who you might have become
What your heart is like
And whether you have very deep thoughts

What your business is
I do not know

But my business is
That I am setting myself up
For heartbreak
When you get the next hand to hold
That will not be mine
Because I am not making all of this, my business, your business