I was fine until I saw your injustice

Up till then you and I were fine

For as long as I can remember, your every wish was also mine

When my eyes fell open to your hidden lies

I could no longer unsee them

They were as clear as day light

Before a wanderer’s eyes

Now I smile when you hurt me

Moan but softly when you thrust your daggers into my frail skin

When I am no longer here, only

Might your recovery begin.



I have loved you like the sea worships the moon

Obedient to your every whim

Breaking the silence by crashing myself unto rocks

for your attention

Making sure you’d know

You’re the only reason I rejoice

You were my only motive

And yet

While I am as vast as her and love as deep as she

You turned dark one day to never show your face again

I just wanted to tell you. Say it and let you know. That I am grateful to you. That  you excite me. Everyday in new ways. Very often, I miss this and don’t see you. But you are nevertheless working for my good. You are here for me. You keep me on my feet, strong and loving. Living and alive.

I just wanted to tell you. My world is crazy, but in the midst of it all, you  are my hope.

All I want is for people to heal. But is thus true though? Or is it just a fase?

I want them to heal and become their better selves.

Give them love. Show them their light. The one that they’ve stopped paying attention to.

And then I want to be the light. Too much to ask for, right. In at least one soul’s eyes.

To heal and be bright.