I want to love you

Like nobody’s ever loved before

I want to hold you

As if I’ll never see you again

But I know you’re not asking me to bring you the moon

You just want an everyday heart to love you and keep forever

I know I don’t want you to promise me diamonds and gold

But I just want your everyday heart to love and keep me forever

I want to make it

I know we can take it

Love to live with you

Life to be with you


Sometimes I wonder

when will my surrender be complete

when will I give my heart fully

and not reel it back in

when will I say ‘here I am’, stretching my arms open wide

and not turn back around into my own embrace

sometimes I wonder, how will this life of mine unfold

if I keep keeping on like this

and then I realise

it is not by might

nor by power

But by the Spirit I run away from


Her eyes like whips they shoot and strike you wherever you are

she is fire that incinerates you

with the smoothness of her gaze and the sharpness of her tongue

any poison can be undone

her body a mixture of exclamation points and question marks

you can’t help but drink of the breaths from her lungs

meet her with fire if you want not to be burned


Dorst hangt

De dorst hangt er

Als een hemellichaam

Boven mijn hoofd

Rondom mijn universum


Om toe te slaan

voordat mijn verhemelte

het gerucht van verschroeiing

Kan proeven

De dorst hangt er

Eeuwig op de achtergrond

om op te wellen

Bij de aankondiging

Van die ene

Heiligen naam

Als een hemellichaam

En valt

In miljoenen schilvers

Tegen mijn mens zijnde behoudenis


Someday you realise

Those aren’t just hands

They are for arms that could hold you

It ain’t just a mouth speaking

But lips you could kiss over and over

And over again

It’s not just eyes

They’re mirrors you could see into even with your eyes closed

Someday you realise

They are just another part of the wholesome you


Don’t make me look crazy

I came back to life for you

You better not make me look crazy

I  harvested the moon and swallowed the night sky’s stars to get to you

Don’t make me look crazy

Underneath the sun you quenched my thirst

Held me under water during the thunder storm

bathed me in hot liquor to conceal time’s worms

Don’t make me look crazy

I have invested my womb in you

Don’t make me look crazy

I have no soul left nor pride

scared off the world for you

when you needed to hide


Smoke again

I’d like to inhale your smoke again

sit with you at the coffee table

and watch you destroy your livers with squinted eyes

though I wouldn’t place my arms around your shoulders

deep within, I know I’d carry on in life with a smile

for the fume you breath out carries to me

the marinated essence of your lies

I’d like to inhale your smoke again

breath out to me

take me home to the clouds