Dorst hangt

De dorst hangt er

Als een hemellichaam

Boven mijn hoofd

Rondom mijn universum


Om toe te slaan

voordat mijn verhemelte

het gerucht van verschroeiing

Kan proeven

De dorst hangt er

Eeuwig op de achtergrond

om op te wellen

Bij de aankondiging

Van die ene

Heiligen naam

Als een hemellichaam

En valt

In miljoenen schilvers

Tegen mijn mens zijnde behoudenis



Someday you realise

Those aren’t just hands

They are for arms that could hold you

It ain’t just a mouth speaking

But lips you could kiss over and over

And over again

It’s not just eyes

They’re mirrors you could see into even with your eyes closed

Someday you realise

They are just another part of the wholesome you


Don’t make me look crazy

I came back to life for you

You better not make me look crazy

I  harvested the moon and swallowed the night sky’s stars to get to you

Don’t make me look crazy

Underneath the sun you quenched my thirst

Held me under water during the thunder storm

bathed me in hot liquor to conceal time’s worms

Don’t make me look crazy

I have invested my womb in you

Don’t make me look crazy

I have no soul left nor pride

scared off the world for you

when you needed to hide


Smoke again

I’d like to inhale your smoke again

sit with you at the coffee table

and watch you destroy your livers with squinted eyes

though I wouldn’t place my arms around your shoulders

deep within, I know I’d carry on in life with a smile

for the fume you breath out carries to me

the marinated essence of your lies

I’d like to inhale your smoke again

breath out to me

take me home to the clouds

A seed as I

What if I touched you

and told you

there, that is where it hurts

This is the part that ails

and maybe even aches

to live again

What if I dared put my finger on it,

approached you

and locked your gaze with mine

So I could learn to breathe again

So you would know to be free again

What if I dared and did it?

Would you heal

or would you know

my hands don’t heal

they only deepen the bruise into a wound

would you heal

or would you become assured

that the last time anything was better

was before the light of your lost soul

burned it’s rays into mine

I know I’m sure we would be reborn

but I know of seeds that seek futile soil

to save themselves from life

after you, this is what I myself have become





For; Words

You’re too wild for me

I cannot hide you

I cannot chastise you

You’re too big for me

I’d want to hold you

I’d want to enfold you

You drown me in your vastness

you render me restless

even in silence

you leave me without refuge

scaling my mind

pulverizing my bones

etching away in my DNA

Yet you soothe my yearning

comfort me in my loss for connecting

provide the bounce I need to leap

you are the one holding and enfolding me

making me your most prized possession

instead of you being one of mine







Het bed; een heiligdom

Het bed;

Een heiligdom


Als spijlen van hoop

Dekens om je beschermend toe te dekken

En het beddenlaken om warmte te houden

Met of zonder armen, borsten of een buik om je toe te rusten

Het bed;

Een heiligdom

Waar monsters je niet kunnen vinden

En wolfengeblaat je niet kunnen deren


heiligdom geschonden

Monster ingetreden

Wolven verraderlijk mekkerend je tot in je diepste tergen


Het bed; een heiligdom

Waar jouw armen je terug kunnen vinden

Je tranen de slaap kunnen herwinnen

Een heiligdom met toegang tot de bodem van je ziel