Quiet Time

I know you need me in the silence
No wonder my soul puts on
an aggressive longing under my skin
To draw all cries from my soul
to hear you from deeper within


I want your hands

Give me your hands
I’ll lift them up
I promise
They won’t break
from then on
you won’t shake

Give me your hands
I’ll open them
I’ll show the world
all that I entrusted
to you and that
You are my favored

Show me
your beautiful
let me
run my fingers
through the palms
of them and feel
and know
I’ve been here
and am given total

Can you feel that
Their aching
for mine
Their aching
for my touch
their running over
with thick oil

Give me your hands
show me you surrender
To my perfect plan
my overtaking smile

Let me
take you to the worlds
Your shoulders long to
line horizons with
Your leg wants to
feel oceans with
Your eyes want to
under the sun and
your skin wants to
feel the rain in

Let me lead you to this
In my secret chambers
where everyone can see
This is love for you
and for me

You will get rest.


Could you lift my feet from where I am standing, for I feel I’m falling.

Would you give me strength to rise from under this burden that makes me lower my beautiful head?

My eyes search in the distance for help, for truth. Failing my altar, leaving the incense unlit.

I fear my heart will give me up. Where have I left you when love found its way out my heart?

My lungs have run dry from crying out. The piercing in my soul has turned me pale.

From where can I run and hide into you.

Though I know that soon I’ll find you here.

Your arms wrapped around me and my heartbeat steady on your chest.

My arms to weak to strike your face. My eyes too damp to meet your fiery gaze. 

Run to me, would You? My knees are to weak to carry me further, I am not strong enough for this battle.

Hide me in You. Again.





When it’s silent, I stretch out my hands

to touch and reach for You

I don’t always get there

But in the stagnant absence of words

My heart speaks of a loud love I quietly hold for You

With my eyes closed and in slow motion I get to be reminded of You

If I fall behind, I fall on you

If I stumble, I land in the palms of Your hands

Letting my eyes reach Your face

Telling You I don’t want, but miss Your embrace

When love is loved and life is left, You have remained to hang over me

Moved with love, over me

Silly me, Proud me, lonely me

Always considered by You, who are always hopeful over me. 

My chin is high, my eyes begging and my jaws turned downwards

Your love is a still embrace

That even darkness can not erase


Often times I wish ‘things’ are easier, life isn’t so hard, I didn’t have to work so hard, I didn’t desire certain things and wasn’t ever so afraid to just be.
But then I am so grateful that good things never happen without hard work. I am grateful that I can only do things well, if I am fully aware of what I am doing.
If it where otherwise, I would have had a broken heart, no future, broken relationships, no real friends, I wouldn’t know truth, I wouldn’t know love. But I do. Well, I am not perfect and that is not my purpose in life. But I am more than happy to be a believer and follower of Christ to come to realization of all this.
Sometimes I know I don’t want, neither need something, but only the idea of (possibly) having it stirs (no, not drives, but stirs) me crazy.
Another thing that I am grateful for is having a healthy set of brains. That makes it possible for me to withdraw from stupidity right on time, though I do a lot of stupid things, I can still flee stupidity a lot.
I have to admit that I have a lot to learn, but therefore I am grateful that the Spirit of God is not like me :).
So I will learn and grow and makes mistakes and become better, but I will not push myself to perfection, for that is an illusion. A foolish one.
I am made righteous in Christ.
Maya Angelou’s mother told her all she had to do was remain black, well, the only thing I have to do is remain in Christ, and I don’t have to rely on myself (own strength) for that.
How awesome.

Only the Spirit knows the heart of the Father and he will make Him known to us