I’m getting tired of this

I’m getting tired of this
Of your image kissing my eyes before the sunlight gets to

Of looking for you everywhere
Without seeing you all day

I’m getting
Tired of this.

How much of my sad eyes
Have ever done as little as haunt you
How much of my fragile heart has ever done as much as call on you

My bare shoulders
Take pride in knowing
You have something
Called a touch

But I am getting tired of this
Even the birds sing in a sadder tone
And you
You don’t even know


I’ve taken you up in my soul
And you’re not quite yet leaving
Just like time stood still
When your smile was getting etched into my heart
It will take a storm to get you out
How I want to go back to that day
And that moment
That has never gone away
This is the noisy restless quiet
I take as it is
As I curse you
And the day we met
And adore you
With the memory you left


I wish I had never held you
So I wouldn’t be missing the rush in your veins under my skin.
I wish I never spoke to you, so I wouldn’t be missing the strength in your eyes taking me in.
Wishing I never heard of you, so I wouldn’t be missing the sweetness in the sound of your name.

For there’s one thing I just can’t seem to do. That is to forget about and get over you.

The rush in your veins still runs under my skin. The look in your eyes is still taking me in and the sound of your name is vivid, replaying again and again.

Head Down

I’m bearing tears for you

My thoughts on you are teardrops,
a watery glance in my eyes

I have ever been so brave,
carrying on with tears in my eyes

but a stronghold
against the wreck in my chest

you were a light at the end of the tunnel
and I knew I was found

We were hoping and wishing,
casting our dreams on that someday
that is now ever far away
so far away, into the none existing

but now you’re a smile,
I wear you in my gaze,

ever -watery,