Ready made

Everything there is to get
I hold it
I grab it all
all while stumbling over my own feet
thinking of the perfect choreography
to perform a perfect dance
for You
so I don’t have to sit down
or stand still
and hear
how lovingly You crafted me
and shaped these busy hands
you made them just about strong enough
How ready you made these feet
and boy, are they ready
You made them just about ready enough
but now and then
they no longer can
I stop in my tracks
and turn to You
laying it all out, neatly before You
And You tell me
how lovingly You crafted me
and how you shaped these hands
these feet ready made


It is not enough

It is not enough to see

Not enough to dream

Not enough to try

Not enough to envision

It is only enough when all you had

All you know

All you are

Has been given

Is being shared

Until there is nothing left

I want your hands

Give me your hands
I’ll lift them up
I promise
They won’t break
from then on
you won’t shake

Give me your hands
I’ll open them
I’ll show the world
all that I entrusted
to you and that
You are my favored

Show me
your beautiful
let me
run my fingers
through the palms
of them and feel
and know
I’ve been here
and am given total

Can you feel that
Their aching
for mine
Their aching
for my touch
their running over
with thick oil

Give me your hands
show me you surrender
To my perfect plan
my overtaking smile

Let me
take you to the worlds
Your shoulders long to
line horizons with
Your leg wants to
feel oceans with
Your eyes want to
under the sun and
your skin wants to
feel the rain in

Let me lead you to this
In my secret chambers
where everyone can see
This is love for you
and for me

You will get rest.