Rooted to my soul

I try so hard to find you

I dig deep down
and search within

I climb high waters
and swim deep grounds

I hold your shadow
within my grasp

I blink and see
you have ran away

I yearn to find you
but fear that the you I seek
is forever lost
once and so often died to never rise again

So sure I hear your voice,
but you’re never in a mood for explainining

You can’t be hidden
nor driven away
from the depths of my soul
that are clinged to you

You are like the broken beat of a drum
on my heart,
drawing my jawbones down

Should I?

I would want to say thank you

I would want to give a kiss

I would like to hug

or just in any simple way, show my gratitude

I would like to look into the eyes
of the one who looked
into my broken soul,
ever gave me a voice
ever held me tight
ever gave me shelter
for one hour of a dark night

Someone who only nodded at me
when they have done that to you

Anyone who just understands,

I would like for them to know
that I am grateful
their hands reached where mine can’t
their words spoke into hearts
that I can’t teach

If only you’d know,
If only I could…