I feel like I have to stitch my heart back together

I saw the future and it hurt my eyes

I saw the truth and my heart exploded

No way to explain it

Greatness is the only word that fills my mouth

You are there

You are here

You have always been

You are truth


I hope

I hoped it was love
Every time your spirit
Payed my eyes a visit

I hoped it was love
Everytime I saw you
In my dreams

I hope it is love
When your mother
At me in my dreams

I hope it is love
When I cannot breath
As my mind ignores
My senses
And dwells of
To behold you

I hope it is love
All these sleepless nights
This restlesness
This hope
This fear

I hope it is love
Taking me back
All the way back
When time froze you
In front of me

I hope it is love
That brings you back to me
That brings me back to you

A lump of hope

Sometimes we’re left

with a lump of hope

on our hearts

And it is all

we have

All we get to put in

All we pull our smiles from

and everything we live for

Sometimes we’re left

with a lump of hope

on our hearts

making it hard to swallow

all the portions

of bitterness

making it hard to chew down

all portions of fear

we get thrown down

our breath


a lump of hope

is all we’ve got

I just want to go wherever you go. Sometimes you lead, sometimes I’m strong. Whenever I’m lost you are my only sense of purpose. However far, however low, however deep you are.

I fail, faltering the burning of incense to calm senses. The vivid memory of your fragrance tempts my soul. How much further can we go, my heart aches to know. How deep does desperation last, let me know. Who knew how fearful this brave heart would get.

Here I am, caught with you. Light descends, all time ends.

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Should I?

I would want to say thank you

I would want to give a kiss

I would like to hug

or just in any simple way, show my gratitude

I would like to look into the eyes
of the one who looked
into my broken soul,
ever gave me a voice
ever held me tight
ever gave me shelter
for one hour of a dark night

Someone who only nodded at me
when they have done that to you

Anyone who just understands,

I would like for them to know
that I am grateful
their hands reached where mine can’t
their words spoke into hearts
that I can’t teach

If only you’d know,
If only I could…