It is a distant longing

That is too sacred for words

Too fragile to acknowledge

Too holy to describe

So one frowns

When it is displayed openly

One shivers

When it is told freely

One hurts

When it is broken off


Where fingers intertwine

Hearts sigh as one

Eyelids flutter together

And dreams beat one and the same drum

Words dry up

Sound is abomination

Tell tale, blasphemy



I wish somehow

My dreams would

Project themselves to you

so you could make your own judgement

On what you are to me

For in my vocabulary

There are no such words

As wishes and desires

they’re but borrowed

From people that know

How and have the strength

To express

What it is in this life

They aspire

Some soul

I hunger for some soul
some deep, bottomless
fiery soul
to get together
and burn down
into the depths of the highest seas
and waste away upon cliffs
and hot sandy shores

I long for some soul

Lose myself and drink away
sip, drippidy tip tip
lick my lips
pause, sigh and go on
but wait
when there is no more fire left
to elevate my senses
I’ll bathe in the ashes

Time, take my control
I have no need of this burden
I am going
for some