I can do this

It is what it is

I want it

But I might not get it

And if I don’t

I will regret it

That is life

people get to live

and deal with regret

I can do this


Some soul

I hunger for some soul
some deep, bottomless
fiery soul
to get together
and burn down
into the depths of the highest seas
and waste away upon cliffs
and hot sandy shores

I long for some soul

Lose myself and drink away
sip, drippidy tip tip
lick my lips
pause, sigh and go on
but wait
when there is no more fire left
to elevate my senses
I’ll bathe in the ashes

Time, take my control
I have no need of this burden
I am going
for some

It is not like I don’t want you to carry me away or do not want you near.
It is just that I cannot overcome my fear.
As I browse through the pages of my soul, like watermarks I find you in every corner.
Strangely, I can wipe it away with one certain blink. But with my heart, I’d paste it back again.

With the brightest smile I could wave you goodbye, but within this realm I’ll always find you, always hide you, always guide you. Wherever you go, back to my soul. It is not like I don’t know what you know. But it is just that I don’t want to pierce holes in anybody’s soul.

All the facts, fiction and fraction, fears and doubt and the unknown. I’m taking them on until I am fully grown or all of this is gone. We both know the sun won’t shine out of the dungeon and pierce through the comfortable night. I’m going home, I’m coming on, hoping.