November has come,
The weather on the first day of the month I was born in was just the way I love it. Misty, rainy; grey.
I used to hate this type of weather a few years ago and also fear it, but now it’s the best for me. I don’t really know how come.
Maybe because after the rain the world looks so renewed, cleansed. Or maybe because the rain slows life(s) down and that is ideal for me becuase I’m a dreamer.
I love november, first because of my birthday on the eleventh (so complete).
It starts with the celebration of all saints or Halloween. I have read that all Saints was to remember all martyrs of/for the christian faith. To me Halloween is a cultural festival in the US and other places.
Besides that, November is the month before the end of the year, a very busy month for everyone, regardless of where you live, what you do, who you are and what you think of those holidays.
I see november as a period to get ready for the holidays and the new year that is to come. I see it as a very important period, where things happen ‘invisibly’, but the alert people will experience it. It is the beginning of a certain atmoshpere getting us ready to enter the holidays and then the year that is to come. December is snappy..there are lots of events and both nature and mankind get ready in november for them. But we don’t always see the preparations. Furthermore, in one of my earlier posts I wrote that I turn 22 on the eleventh of this month, which is the eleventh of the year. And creepy enough, my birthcertificate reads that I was born at eleven a clock. My mother tells me that she went in labour at about 9 o’ clock.
Well, I hope it remains wonderful to me, and that feeling of intersession never leaves me when november comes and that I can really create a moment to get rest, evaluate the last 9 months and get ready for the next 13. I love God for appointing things so beautifully. Appointing my birth so right and well and having me come to love november’s weather.

I hope you get moments of intersession in this month, so you don’t get too overwhelmed during the holidays. So you can enter the holidays in a fresh breeze and vibrant. So, may you get so much energy and courage that you enter the next year with strength and a bright smile, no matter what.


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